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Chicago Fountain is the premier local source of custom water features and fountains in the greater Chicago area. Our professional staff draws on years of experience in design, fabrication and construction to create the perfect water feature for your commercial, architectural, corporate or public setting.

Chicago Fountain has wide-ranging portfolio demonstrating our commitment to the very highest level of creativity and functionality in our fountains and water features. From the modest to the marvelous, from the subtle to the sublime, the fountains and water features we build will bring many years of beauty, luxury and enjoyment to any business, corporate or public area.

We also provide expert service programs for existing features that require maintenance, repair, upgrades, restoration or cleaning. Check out what we do.

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Water Features


Chicago Fountain is the area’s premier full-service commercial fountain and water feature company. We offer a wide range of fountain design, fabrication, repair, restoration and maintenance services to enhance cityscapes, landscapes and public spaces with invigorating, dynamic water features that will stand the test of time… learn more


We continually push the elements of fountain design and construction to enhance rooftops and gardens with eco-friendly and cost-effective water features. Working with the space constraints in urban environments, Chicago Fountain transforms rooftops into inviting living spaces filled with audible and visual water effects… learn more


If you need an attention-grabber for an event or trade show, Chicago Fountain prides itself in working “outside the box.” From animated water features with lights and music to rain curtains and waterfalls, we continually challenge our engineers, designers and builders to create a truly unique experience for any space… learn more


Maintenance & Safety

We offer a full spectrum of maintenance services for any water feature to ensure optimal and reliable performance.

Repair & Restoration

A Chicago Fountain technician repairing a commercial fountain

From a complete cosmetic restoration to fountain repair, our experienced and licensed staff can solve any problem.

Design & Engineering

We work closely with clients to realize their vision while managing complex interaction of aesthetic and technical design factors.

Construction & Finalize

Chicago Fountain Installing the fountain at the Oak Room at Macy's in Chicago

We will build your design or ours to exact specifications with our licensed and bonded construction and fabrication services.

Innovative Fountain Design

Innovative fountain design & the highest quality fountain builds makes Chicago Fountain the only choice for commercial water fountains & water features in the Chicago area.

Where Innovation Flows

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