Fountain Repair Done Right

Chicago Fountain prides itself in being the #1 choice for our client’s water feature & fountain repair needs. Whether it is a large commercial fountain malfunction or a minor lighting issue, Chicago Fountain follows an extensive process with every water feature repair:

Fountain Restoration by Artisans

For fountains in need of cosmetic restoration, we follow industry-standard techniques for revitalizing and protecting the surface area, and return it to its original luster and glory.

Our Best-in-Class Process

Investigate & Diagnose

  • Analyze the water feature to understand its design, systems, construction & condition
  • Inspect the malfunctioning area(s) & interrelated systems
  • Check all measurements on mechanical & electrical diagnostic equipment (if available)
  • Examine the water feature’s overall condition & functionality
  • Obtain relevant water feature history from the client (if possible)

Share Findings

  • The root cause of the problem
  • Other systems that are or may be affected
  • Possible risks associated with problem

Define Repair

  • Summarize the repair needed
  • Provide a detailed repair estimate (parts, labor, permits, timeline, etc.)

Assess Water Feature Condition

  • Communicate any other issues or repairs needed
  • Recommend maintenance to prolong life
  • Provide water quality report

Our staff can expertly diagnose and repair malfunctioning fountain mechanical instruments as well as any problems with pumps, plumbing, electric and masonry to quickly bring your fountain or water feature back online.

Where Innovation Flows

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